How Long Can You Use E-Juice Available in The Tank?

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    How Long Can You Use E-Juice Available in The Tank?

    Many smokers who switched to vaping e-cigarette often have a question as to how long can they continue to vape after loading their tank. Also, some of you may like to change the flavor after vaping the same flavor for some time. There are number of factors that you need to consider before emptying your tank and fill it with new e-liquid. The lifespan of the e-liquid will also depend upon those factors.

    Let us discuss about various factors that will decide about the duration of e-juice that you have chosen for your vaping experience.

    • E-juice type

    If you look for e-juice then you will find a number of different types of such juices. Some of the common types available are nicotine additives and PG/VG additives and flavors. PG/VG is considered to be the main ingredients. PG stands for Propylene Glycol while VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin.

    PG is a kind of vape juice that you can obtain from the online vape shop and based on your choice of flavor you can choose your VG type. It is also a natural killer of bacteria or virus killer and can last longer. VG is on the other hand a very sweet and viscous substance and produces a strong vapor. Its lifespan is usually shorter. However, PG/VG can last for more than a year without any flavor. It is possible to add the flavor of nicotine too and other than that you can add flavor of any fruit or any other favorite item of your choice. However, the flavor does not last for too long.

    • Vape tank type

    Following are three different types of tanks available:

    1. Clearomizer

    It is most commonly used tank and is comparatively much stronger as compared to other varieties. However, it cannot store VG fluid alone due to its thickness. Here either higher PG or 50:50 ratio is used.

    1. Drippers

    Here the ratio of PG and VG is as per the discretion of the user. The typical PG/VG ratio is 70:30.

    1. Sub-ohm

    This is more powerful tank than other type and it depletes the level of liquid due to higher battery strength. Therefore, high VG is recommended for such tanks.

    • Age and storage of e-juice

    Depending upon the time you want to store e-liquid the age is determined. For longevity the storage time is important. Usually, e-liquids are to be consumed while using them on the tank. If you want to store them for future usage then it is recommended to store them at a dark and cool place. However, avoid keeping them in refrigerated condition.

    • How long it takes to vape

    Depending upon how much milli-liter you take the e-liquid your usage period will depend upon that. The ballpark figure is 30 ml may last for about 6 days and if you use 10 ml then it can last for 2 days. Anything less than that will depend upon how thick the vapor is.

    Therefore, the above-mentioned factors will determine how long you can use e-juice in your e-cigarette.


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